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    Student monitoring


      I,m creating a FM12pro database for student monitoring. All students can follow up to 7 courses. Each course has to be done again after one year


      in one table i have




      course1 datefollowed

      course1 datevalidtill

      course1 dateexpire


      course2 datefollowed

      course2 datevalidtill

      course2 dateexpire



      I want a layout which will show me each course ,student name and exp date

      or is my table wrong.



      Is there a way to get this done? Any idea is welcome!


      Pardon my englisch, i,m dutch.

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          Your data model is non-normalized, to use the technical term. In plain English: you're table is wrong because you're trying to put all data about everything into one table, by using many fields.


          This also makes it redundant, because each student who enrolls in a course has all the Course information. If you needed to look up or change the Course title, where would you do it?


          The solution for these problems is to use more tables, rather than more fields. You give each kind of data (aka entity) its own table: One for Students, one for Courses, and a so-called join table like Enrollments, where each record is a combination of a course and a student.


          The FileMaker Help System describes this structure - and how to get there - in great detail and with illustrations in the topic “Designing and creating databases -> Creating a database -> About planning a database”.



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