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Saving self-contained copy (not working)

Question asked by keysolutions on Jul 2, 2012

I’m not so very happy with the new FM12.

So far there are more cons than pros to work with the new version.


First I had to buy a new Mac to be able to run FM12 which didn’t make me to happy.

Then after converting a database to FM12 I ran into trouble with new windows (which still is happening).


Now I have an all new problem with saving a self-contained copy for my iPad.


I rewrote part of the script to remove thumbnails from containers and put the into external storage.

This for itself works nicely, and it eventually will decrease the size of the database from more the 1 GB to less than 200 MB which is nice.

But one import issue for me is being able to transfer the file to my iPad including the images.

For this I should be able to save a selfcontained copy of the file.


So far no problem. But when the saving is in progress it suddenly tells me I need to free up diskspace (there is some 350 GB free space left), use another filename (which is stupid, because the file has been saved earlier with the same name) and try again!


I don’t mind running into problems, but what I do mind is showing stupid messages without any real clue on what’s going wrong.


Anyone some bright ideas on how to solve this problem? This same file has been saved earlier as a selfcontained copy, only with less external images.


I did try get rid of some (calculated) field which made the file grow over 3 GB, but even with this small 150 MB file it still won’t work.

There are some 5.000 items with a total of 1.6 GB to be processed.

But if this is not possible than I will need to get rid of the externals and go back to my old fashioned thumbnails. Eventually this file will need to have some 140.000 external images.