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Where exactly do we get the web folder to set up IWP with IIS?

Question asked by k-meson on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by branmuffin84

Ok - this may look like a dumb question but I am really confused by this.


I've been using FileMaker and FM Server for many years but have never really got into the web publishing side. I now have a need to run IWP on Server Advanced however, and in the guide it says "copy the contents of the web folder to wwwroot".


Well I'm struggling to figure out where I get the web folder from as on my local PC there is a web folder in FM Pro program folder but it only contains a read me PDF. I figured it should contain folders like IWP and CGI but clearly this is somewhere else.


So where exactly do I get these files and folders and why doesn't the server advanced installation just put them in the right place as part of the installation?


Sorry if this has been answered millions of time before but I couldn't find a specific answer when I searched for it.


Many thanks


John Wilson