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Behaviour of Import scripts

Question asked by ResoluteSystems on Jul 2, 2012
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In FileMaker's web page Miscellaneous Behavior Changes In FileMaker Pro 12 there is a section on Importing Data that starts with this paragraph:


"FileMaker Pro no longer imports data from fields that were added or changed after field mapping was defined in the Field Mapping dialog box. Data is imported only from fields specified during the original import mapping."


This doesn't seem to be happening in a database converted from FMP 11. This is for a database that includes updating by the customers who receive a clone of the new version, containing scripts that import data from the old version. The import scripts were written years ago in FMP 8 and specify matching field names in all the tables. They've worked well for several years, through several versions of FM Pro and many updates. FileMaker's statement above specifically says that these scripts must be re-set if fields are added or changed. So I was surprised when the updater continued to work as it always has without re-setting the import scripts, whether or not the old version of the database and the updater clone contain fields that were added since the import scripts were written.


I've alwys understood that import field name matching is resolved at runtime. FMI now seem to be saying that isn't the case any more, although it still seems to work that way in my example. Can anyone explain how, and in what circumstances the behaviour of FMP 12 has changed?