Protecting A Solution

Discussion created by ByteTheBullet on Jul 2, 2012

I have a few ideas for some niche FleMaker-based solutions. A few of them are solutions that I plan on developing for myself, as they'll help me with some of my responsibilities, but I I was thinking of also making them available for sale. The market would not be very large, and I don't expect to "strike it rich" or anything, but I would like to receive some compensation for my efforts if other people end up using the solutions. All that being said, what are the leading methods that my fellow developrs are using to handle registration/protection of your solutions? My goal is to offer a "trial" version of the solution that has all of the features intact, but only handles a limited data set. Purchasing a license would remove the data limitation. I'm leaning towards using runtimes, as the expected market tends to not be very computer savy. I guess my main question is how can I ensure that a customer doesn't share the solution online, copy it to a USB drive loaned to a friend, etc. I know there's no way to completely eliminate piracy, but I would like to minimize it as much as I can. Thanks!