File Maker Go 12 Database keeps asking for account name and password

Discussion created by jevans88 on Jul 2, 2012
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I have a filemaker 12 database ("CNHSC") with an external data souce ODBC to a SQL Server database ("REACTS"). I have hosted the database on filemaker server 12. The filemaker server 12 resides on a different server than the SQL Server that the database is linked with. I specified the username and password on the "CNHSC" edit data source form and created the same username and password in the "REACTS" database. When I try to open the database on my iphone I am prompted to login to "REACTS" by entering an account name and password. I have tried every password I can think of to access the "CNHSC" nothing works and I shouldn't have to enter an account name or password anyways because I added that on the edit data source form. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.