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    How to generate web links In a Pdf


      If I put in a web link on a pdf generated from FileMaker such as https://paynow.mysite.com as text into the pdf in Windows when the user clicks on it it opens the site correctly, but this does not happen on OSX or pdf reader on iPad. Anyone know a way of making the links dynamic for OSX/IOS.


      What would be even better is if a container image can be made into a dynamic button to open a URL in a pdf. Any ideas?

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          That is because preview on a Mac in not a standards compliant pdf reader - by quite a long way. Install Acrobat Reader.

          On the iPad try Goodreader, or make sure you have the latest Adobe Reader as this is now very good in the mobile too....


          To do the last idea you will need some skill in Scriptmaster and iText, but it absolutely can be done.

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