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Integrating FileMaker with a forum bulletin board such as PHPBB.  A good idea?

Question asked by mbust on Jul 3, 2012



I'm planning the creation of a CWP FileMaker driven site that should include a discussion forum and am wondering about the best path to follow: to create a discussion forum within FM; to seek to integrate the site with an existing solution, such as phpbb (; or go some other way.


The plan is to have a site that enables researchers at various universities to see a collection of projects that are taking place in their respective fields, enabling them to add more projects and modify them as needed (the FM part). But we forsee the need from the start to have a way for researchers to communicate with each other about those projects, and think that a bulletin board would be the more effective way to do it. I have not found a FileMaker-driven bulletin board that might be integrated into our solution, so using something like phpbb, might be the best alternative.


Cost is an issue, as we hope to receive a grant for this project but do not want to sick our money into a bulletin board if something that can be integrated already exists.


Suggestions as to what might be the best approach would be greatly appreciated.