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How can I determine and extract the users default Browser file path?

Question asked by steve59 on Jul 3, 2012
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Using Kevin Franks excellent free download ‘Application Window Controller 2.01’ It’s possible to re-position and size the Filemaker Application window similar to Microsoft OneNote ‘Dock to Desktop’ feature; 350px wide, far right on the desktop (tested and works fine for my needs on WinXP and Win7(64) in Filemaker Pro Advanced 12 and in FMP 12 Runtime).


A feature of MS OneNote ‘Dock to Desktop’ mode is that all other windows including the users default Browser are width restricted and maximised top right alongside OneNote. This Allows the user to easily copy and paste information from web pages into OneNote – it would be cool to do the same directly into Filemaker fields – useful when web-scraping is not an option.


My next goal (ideally from within Filemaker Pro) is to extract or calculate the client default web Browser file path, so that I can then script the repositioning of the users default browser application window left and alongside the Filemaker application window using Kevin Franks ‘WinControl’ utility.


I note Filemaker Help says under ‘Open URL’ - “Note FileMaker Pro uses the preferences stored in the Windows system file URL.DLL to determine the application to handle the URL. The URL is then passed to ShellExecute for execution” I'm trying to figure-out how can I get the same info into a Filemaker script??


I hope of interest to others and thank you for any pointers offered - Steve