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Windows 7 (64) and FileMaker Access to hosted files fails - any idea?

Question asked by Norsult on Jul 3, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2012 by Norsult

Hello Community,


I discovered something strange today. A client buys HP Compac workstations via its tech supplier. They started shipping machines with MS Windows 7 Enterprise installed. And off course 64-Bit versions…


Now, when we install either FMP 11 or FMP(A) 12 we see the phenomenon that access to servers is no problem (i.e. seeing the server in the Open Remote dialog) - but we cannot see or open files on those servers.


We can run the Admin console against file servers, locally, in the own network and via VPN connections. We can be the host of files, that others can open as clients without problems (e.g. my Win 7 on a Parallels Desktop for Mac [32-Bit] Version, or both virtual and real MS Win XP systems.)


This is for both FM 11 and FM 12 versions against their respective servers. No port conflicts are detectable. IP port 5003 is open in both dierections for TCP and UDP likewise, even though the latter seems to be used by the late server from FM 5 times only.

(FireWalls disabled; f-Secure installed, deinstalled, fresh system install, firewall on with dedicated settings - no change).



I think I have read about a similar problem somewhere, but cannot find it again. There is a memory of someone of you reporting an almost hidden service on Win 7 that is not turned down when shutting down the Windows firewall...


Any thoughts and reports regarding this are highly appreciated,

thanks for your bandwidth,