FileMaker drivers dont work with LiveCycle

Discussion created by patpai on Jul 4, 2012

Good morning everyone,



I've recently been playing around in LiveCycle and wanted to try my luck at connecting a PDF form (in LiveCycle) to a back-end FileMaker database.

I first had to install the drivers for the ODBC and afterwards i created an ODBC using the FileMaker ODBC odbc. It seams to work fine, i can do a "test connection" and it returns "successful".


But when i try to drag & drop a field from a table unto the LiveCycle form (that im working on) it doesnt show the data in that table. Which is 4 rows right now.


I did try to test my PDF form to an Access back end and it works fine, just cant seam to be able to see the data in the tables when using the FileMaker DNS i created.


Does anyone have any insight on this?


Thank you so very much