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    Printing information on main table and portal


      I am using FMPA 12 and would like to print invoice that contain client information and total order with a portal that contains lists of orders.

      What I want is if the list of order item is more than one page it should automatically format and print it to the next page without the client details.

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          Don't print a portal.


          Instead, select the related InvoiceItems records (using the Got to related Records scriot step) and print through a list view. Unlimited length!


          You can then do some nice things with title header and title footer parts, and leading grand summaries.

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            One long term issue with FM (all Versions) is to have an overflow page for the invoice portal records. The layout for an invoice will not produce a second page that "aligns to portal" with the invoiced items. If you try to drag the portal area items to the next page in the layout will not print the portal records correctly. You also won't be able to use a footer if you needed one.


            A solution to this issue is to create a report that can include a header and footer if required. The report would include the records from the individual portal screen (use this data for the layout setup table) and use the record ID (invoice number) in a find to populate the normal portal rows, but in this case the report rows. The invoice is setup to use the invoice number as the sorting field. This field can be removed from the layout, and the subsummary can be hidden so that it won't produce a portal header. I leave the subsummary in sometimes and use it for the field headers depending on the layout format. You will then have a multipage print layout that supports headers and footers.

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              Thanks for the idea. One more thing if one of the portal field is text type

              And I would like to print so that it automatically detects the text field content

              And expand/shrink the report rows/portal rows.

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                Your comment about portal fields; there are no portal fields in the report, this is a report with all of the report features where you can do Finds, run scripts, and such. It is not limited to the restrictions of the portal. As for srinking, use a Find to select a group of records and then the report will set the number of rows based on the records in selection. You can always Omit records in a report to eliminate unwated data.

                NOTE: the invoice ID is used to display the records for an invoice. When you enter the report (without a script) all the records for all invoices will be shown. That is why you need to do a find by the invoice id to show that invoices related portal records. Tip: if your relationship is setup correctly you can use the header fields that you would normally use on the invoice with the limited portal layout.

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                  Thanks ontarget but my problem is not finding related fields/record

                  My problem is after getting the required portal rows into report

                  And one of the row field is of type text that contains paragraph of text

                  How can you print and size the row to the contents of the field text?

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                    Dear Moapewaqa


                    As ontarget and ohters have stated, altough dificult to understand is:

                    To print an invoice with its lineitems you HAVE to create a layout based on the TO of the lineitems.

                    Then, in the Header part, you can mention all the info of the Invoice, and your lineitems are in the body part. In the footer section you have all the summary fields from the invoice TO.


                    If the you find all the lineitems of invoice00x, in the header and footer you have all the data of your Invoice, it will show up automatically.


                    Do not try to make use a portal for this.




                    more info http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/8f46a76f63?commentId=105564#105564

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