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    Active content container layout object not displaying


      I have just updated a database from version 11 and uploaded it onto my server.


      I have correctly set up the storage for externally stored container that is new to the database.


      I have an active container field on the layout and have inserted a PDF.


      The pdf file appears in the data storage loction (open stiorage) but the active layout item displays a "not connected to the internet" web type message instead of the interactive acrobat view I was getting before, or alternativeley a blank white area.


      I can export the contents and the correct file appears to download.


      Screen clip PDF attached.


      What have I done wrong?


      Any ideas greatly appreciated.


      John Wilson

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          When you said you just updated, what did you update? That is key if you just updated to version 12.


          You need a FULL version of acrobat not the free version to get the container to read / edit the PDF file. At $400 that is an expensive plugin.


          Try this as a workaround if your adding one page PDF's. Do a screen capture of the PDF and save it as a graphic then put that in your container.


          Another TIP; generally  FileMaker Server does not allow you to insert stuff into a container in the browser. If you create a field named URL and paste a URL copied from a web page graphic or your web site photo folder, you can create a script to insert the item into the browser container with the insert scrept using the URL as the object field to insert from.

          FM Go has not problems filling container fields if you setup a transfer folder on iTunes and then transfer those graphics to the iPad photo library. FM Go will ask you for the Photo in when you tap the container field. This will also update the server with the image.

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            Hi - just to be clear. This database is being hosted on FM12 Advanced and is being accessed by FM12 Pro - not through IWP or any other method.


            The database running locally on FMPro displays the PDF as per the screen clip attached.


            I cannot understand why the server hosted version is not working properly.


            I have checked the record with FM Go and the PDF file appears correctly.


            And just to make it confusing - I just inserted a PDF and it displayed - then another, with the same result. Inserted the same one again and it does not.


            What is going on?


            Anyone with any ideas?


            John Wilsonscreenclip2.png

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              My first thought would be to check what version of Acrobat that was used to create the PDF that is working. Then save the other PDF with that same version. If it works great, if not are you doing anything different when your adding it to the container field? If both had the same app version to create the PDF, what is different about the documents? Can you try testing the same PDF on another screen to see if it works, this eliminates some causes for the failure. What you're try to do is to see if it is the document or FM making the doc fail to show. 

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                I have basically had different results with THE SAME FILE!


                Just seesm to be very inconsisitent.


                I'm begining to think FM12 has been rushed out without proper testing.


                Has anyone else had a similar problem?



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                  I don't feel I need to pay for Acrobat, unless one of my clients wants to use it and pay for it. I have better things to do with the money.


                  The container fields tend to work OK using IWP and behave as expected. I am not doing PHP or HTML now but may soon. Its a case of need and I have not needed to do any to this point.


                  I am finding that I have had to come up with workarounds for many of V 12 issues. Containers not being the worst to date. Themes are a mess and were not ready for the developers who wanted more, far more from this limited capability. But this is not helping you get the containers fixed. FileMaker working to the server should be very consistent and that has been my experience. Is the PDF the only thing that is not working consistently?

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                    Containers are the only isue I have spotted so far and it's hard to say whether it is FM Pro or Server that is causing the problem as you can see I had inconsistent behaviour showing with containers just on my local machine in a previous post.


                    I have managed to find an action that fixes it, by inserting a picture into the field first, then inserting a PDF, it seems to work. Then it'll work on other records a few more times, then stop again until you insert another picture. Not really a fix, just a way of getting me to a demo this morning!


                    This has to be a bug, or is being affected by some other software on my machine, which also makes it a bug!


                    Are FM activeley monitoring these discussions or should we be posting this issue to them directly?



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                      I had a thought about your issue, did you set the storage properties for your hosted account. Look in two places to determine if they are correct. On the inspector check the properties set for the container field. You will need to have the radio button set for PDF. In FileMaker look at managing Containers to see if the storage is temporary or permanent in the settings. I would also set the storage loacation path for the folder where your storing the files.

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                        OK - for anyone interested I think I may have found the answer!


                        Apparently the active content for these new containers is streamed to the client using Tomcat which operates over port 16000 - so of course you need this port to be open on the server and client ends to allow it to work. How about including as part of the set up FileMaker! Found it in the Container fields tech support doc here https://fmdev.filemaker.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/2585-1-23755/Container_Fields_in_FMP12_en.pdf


                        I opened the port on the server firewall and so far it seems to be working. Will confirm as fix once it has lasted a few days!


                        ALSO - I think it also works if you set the server to encrypt via SSL as it tunnels the traffic through SSL port and decrypts at the client end. Who knew?



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                          THANK YOU!!!  I have been chasing this for half the day today, thinking it was a problem with the Acrobat installs on some machines.  You saved my head from exploding!