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Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Jul 5, 2012
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This is a plugin I've been wanting to buy, but had held off until I had a client that needed barcoding. It is a pretty slick plugin. You just define a calclulation field and make it a container field too. The calcluation is then made into a graphic that is stored in the container field. As a developer, it took me a bit to get the developer license with password working. I would set the developers password and then it wouldn't work when I called the calculation field. I had to quit and restart several times to get it going. It may have some issue with my having it on both FMPA11 and FMPA12 both opened at the same time, but oh well. The regular license is easier than a developer license for this reason.


My client needing the 128 bar coding, which was very simple. But tried others. The QR bar code worked real well and my iPhone read the QR right off of the screen and got all of the information correct. I was quite impressed. It also works the other way where you can use your computer's webcam to read in barcode results into a field.


One thing it does seem to be missing is the new US Post Office Intelligent Mail barcoding.


Other than the developer license being a bit of a hassle with the password thing and the Intelligent Mail barcoding, I think this is a great plugin and recommend it if this meets a need for your clients or company.


The big advantage is not needing any special fonts to install on a bunch of client machines to get this to work. One draw back of plugins is that they do not work in FM Go. But if you used a client (or server) machine to create the barcode, then they show up just fine in FM Go. You just can't make changes in FM Go or else the container field becomes a "?".