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Using a portion of a file name when using the IMPORT command

Question asked by buckmccune on Jul 6, 2012
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I have a script that loads a CSV file, does some editing and creates a new EXCEL file - these CSV file(s) are generated by a NonStop Blade Server - when the file is created it uses the node name and the date as the file name - example: RWC045_G20120706 (OSS)


So everytime I get a new batch of these files the files names are different - I want to write a script that will look for a set of files driven by the first 8 bytes of the file name (i.e.: RWC045_G).


So is there a way to used the import command using the 8 bytes of the file name and a wildcard or can I some how take the first 8 bytes and append the value representing the date: RWC045_G + 20120706.


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