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    PHP smartpill ldap


      I am using the smartpill php pugin from Scodigo to manupilate our Active Directory information.. I have succesfully done all kinds of lookups and can pull just about all the data I would ever need, but getting the php code to change the ldap data already stored, such as adding employee numbers and such is proving to be a headache. Has anyone ever done this before? Any ideas?

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          I've tried to do this without success in some other tools.  The key is you need to be able to authenticate into the LDAP server with privs. that have the right to make directory changes.  I haven't used the Smartpill plugin, but check to see if there is a means to do this, and if your user has appropriate privs.  

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            You may want to use a tool like Jarek Gawor's LDAP Browser (Version 2.8.1 or 2.8.2 is the latest I saw) to make sure things work as expected from the query and user account rights sides.

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              I get the query to work and the same account can make changes to the AD recored nativily, I just don't think I am structuring my PHP corectly as I don't know enough about PHP calls on this.

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                User has all the right privilages, I am at DevCon and trying to find more information about it now.

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