Odd FMS 12 External Container errors

Discussion created by Tim_Ballering on Jul 7, 2012
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We store receipt images and other image files in FMP container fields. In FMP 11 and prior we were using embedded container storage. This created huge databases. Hard to back up offsite, but they were stable. With the advent of FMP 12 we moved to external container storage to facilitate incremental back ups.


The image files are small but numerous jpgs - one database currently holds well over a half million images averaging 150-200KB each. Server is a Mac 10.6.x This FMS 12 has been running in production since 6/18/12. Files were converted from FMP 11 with embedded image storage, then cloned and the data imported with external container storage. A very looooong process even on a fast machine.


Yesterday one work station was having a problem. Everything that was scanned into container fields showed up as a nearly blank page with faint streaks. Thinking a scanner had gone down, we swapped the scanner for one at an unoccupied desk only to have the same problem.


Soon everyone was reporting the problem and that they could not see previously scanned items. Exporting the container field yielded a perfect image file.


This problem was occurring across multiple databases and multiple container fields. Yet the container fields in some tables were working.


Server log revealed no errors.


We stopped the server, rebooted the box and everything was back to normal. The recently imported container images were there and viewable in the container field.


A separate issue, same server, different, small database with <1,000 container records: From day one external containers will not show PDFs in interactive mode via WAN. Just a blank field shows. Interactive mode works for LAN clients. Although the container seems blank via WAN if they hold a PDF, the files are exportable and then viewable. Setting the field to the "image" mode and the first page of the PDF is visible for WAN users. WAN is T1.


Anyone else having either of the external container field problems we are experiencing? If so were you able to determine why and then fix it?


Tim Ballering