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Using Filemaker for PCL(Programmable Logic Controllers)

Question asked by judyc on Jul 8, 2012
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This is my first time here so bear with me if I am not very consistent.


I have developed a Bingo system using filemaker pro 11. The system Controls a Bingo game be recording all bingo card sales, marks the sold cards and plays the game as numbers are pressed and eventually displays a winning card or winning cards whenever a winning combination is achieved.


My client had a manual system before, sales would be writeen on hand written receipts and when playing the game, a bingo caller would call out games and press a switch which lights up the numbers called on the electronic board. Withe the new system, he wants to get rid of the switch system, so that the bingo caller will press a number within the filemaker system and light up the numbers on the electronic board.


How can I achieve this? How can I control an an electronic/relay board using filemaker? If anyone has an idea or anyone has done this before, please help me. The system has been in use since May 15, 2012, the only bit remaining for it to be complete is the intergration with the electronic board.


Your suggetions will be higly appreciated.

Thank you