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Bug - Go to Related Record script step, doesn't render the footer in View as List Layout - Starting From a View as Form Layout

Question asked by GiancarloMeak on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by dwelam

Go to Related Record script step, if you launch it from a layout that you view as a form to reach a layout that is displayed as list the footer part of the layout doesn't display (it's white)

The solution was converted from FMP 11 to FMP12, and - of course - it used to work.


At the moment I've solved the problem changing the Form View of the source layout to a List View and constraining the found set to one record, but obviously it's a workaround that may (will) cause problems, with this approach the footer is displayed in the target layout.


It must be a bug because if you switch to layout mode and you switch back to Browse mode in the target the footer is displayed.


Any idea?


Thank you