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Cannot Find File (error 100) when Server runs client script.

Question asked by igregg on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2012 by dataexperience

I have a script in a filemaker file that pulls data from an Oracle Table and pushes the data to an external filemaker table. Both files are on 11 Server Advanced. When I open remote the file with this script it pulls and pushes the data like it was designed to do. But when I run the same script from the server, the script pulls in the data from the Oracle table into an array. But when the script tries to Set Fields in the external filemaker table, it does not create any records in the table and the server log says that the script has had an 100 error every time it executes a Set Field step.

This script runs on a client, but not on the server session???? Am I missing a step when the server runs the script?