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XPOST FileMaker communicating via DIRECT standards

Question asked by DrewTenenholz on Jul 10, 2012



I need to know about the technical abilities for FileMaker to be able to send/receive data with outside systems that is both SECURE, and meets certain standards that have been developed, specifically the DIRECT Project (see for the gory details). Does anyone know if FileMaker can support the following (either natively or through specific plugins):


a. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and private key pair for encryption and authentication (Please refer to RFC 5652)?

b. DNS Certificate Discovery (Please refer to RFC 4398)?

c. SMPT / S-MIME message transports (Please refer to RFC 3851)?

d. XDR - XDM transport?

e. DIRECT message envelope format requirements, DIRECT addressing and DIRECT encryption?


I've asked for help from my local service engineer, but they are all buried under Devcon preparations.


Thanks In Advance,

Drew Tenenholz