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Mac/Windows file path issues with Container fields

Question asked by j_bell on Jul 10, 2012
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Wondering if anyone can help me out with a little issue I can't seem to resolve. I work in an environment where we have both Mac and PC users that will both be accessing the Filemnaker database. The Mac users are our design and production section and the PC users are our PR people that deal directly with the clients. Our design area creates artwork and saves it into a PDF format for the PR people to sho to the client. Up till now this has all been done through email but with our upgrade and redesign of our database we would like to store a link to these PDFs under the correct job number in Filemaker so all can have access to it.


The iisue I am having is that if I use a Container field and one of the designers on the Mac inserts the PDF into the container field and a user on the PC double clicks to open it (and vice versa PC to Mac), they receive the message of file path not found because PC and Mac read the paths differently. Unfortunately hardware wise there is nothing I can do to change the Mac/PC thing so I need to come up with a solution using Filemaker.


Any help would be appreciated.




PS.sorry for the long winded message.