FM12 Odd get(Triggertabpanel) and subsequent Go to Object behaviour

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Jul 10, 2012
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Hello again,


I have a script which traps user selection of a tab, using triggertabpanel.


Works a treat... well sort of..

after it traps the tab selected, i want it to select a different tab, which I have named as Tab1.


If I run a script that has the go to object (tab1), this script works time and time again.


However, if I call this script AFTER my triggertablpanel script step, it does NOT work. I can not see any reason why..?

I have tried positioning the go to object script step both before and after the get(Triggertabpanel) to no avail,


FM 12 on Mac and the same thing happens in FMGo.I just can't seem to shake the selected tab!