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Chart & Subsummary Sorting Conflict

Question asked by AlbertSteg on Jul 11, 2012
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I am new to using Charts in FMP12 and have run into an annoying problem. I have a layout with a Leading Grand Summary and two sub-summary parts. In the Grand Summary I have a Bar Chart that lists the names of several Collections and shows how many people are using them. below that, In the first sub-summary part, I have the Same Collections listed, with the usage number in parentheses, and in the second sub-summary, a breakdown of the usage by the User group. (See attached image).


The data is all fine, but here's the rub: The alphabetical order of the Collections in the CHart amd the sub-summary are *inverted* with respect to each other.


In other words, if I sort the records by Collection in Ascending order, as is natural for the sub-summary list, placing the Collections in alphabetical order, the Chart displays the Collections in reverse-alphabetical order. If I re-sort in Descending order, the chart looks right but now the sub-summary is reverse-alphabetical.


Obviously, this is undesirable. But I can't seem to find any feature in the Chart Wizard that allows me to reverse the order on the Y-Axis.


Any help?