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    Adobe Page Display


      When using interactive container fields, is there a way to set page display preferences for Full Page and have them stick? They don't seem to the way I'm doing it. I don't want to see the Adobe menu and the Thumbnail. Just a full-page display of the document (as seen in Attached file: Container B - Full Page.jpg).

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          EIther you can set it before it is imported into FM by using Acrobat Pro and forcing the display to full page and no toolbars


          You can do the same thing with a combination of ScriptMaster and iText.


          But it has to be done BEFORE it is imported. You can make it show that view in the container view but that is not sticky and the next time a file has different preferences set it will show the chrome

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            This doesn't hold true for me. I have a document that displays full-page with no thumbnail pane when I open it using Adobe, but when I put it into FileMaker, it converts to 100% and the thumbnail pane and toolbar are back. This happens no matter how I save it or how I fiddle with the preferences in Adobe.


            The only thing that seems to make a difference is when I scan the document into Adobe, as opposed to simply converting an electronic document, like a Word document to pdf. When I scan, the thumbnail pane stays away and the document displays as full-page. This simply does not happen with converted documents. So not sure if this is a FileMaker issue or an Adobe one.

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              I respectfully decline your offer...


              In FM set a PDF container field so you can see all the toolbars and a nav pane


              In Acrobat Pro

              File:Properties:Initial View


              For navigation tab select PageOnly

              For Page layout select Single Page

              For Magnification select Fit width (or height)

              Select Hide tool bars

              Select hide window controls


              Save as


              import this into the PDF field and the Adobe chrome will respect what you just set - getting rid of the toolbars that were there in the first step. You can always turn it on but that is not what you were after...

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                That did work! Hooray!


                Final question - do I need to do this with every document individually? Isn't there a way to make Adobe manage this for all documents? I know this is acutally an Adobe question, but you seem to know a lot about it.

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                  Tracy, it is actually a document level thing

                  You might want one document to open as per the case above, or you might want another to open with the bookmarks panel open to allow the reader to navigate more easily to the required section.

                  I have PDF files which I open to page height or two across continuous to stop stupid customers not noticing that there is more than one page


                  The answer to your quesion is that it needs to be done on a document by document basis, BUT if you are familiar with the ScriptMaster plug in can process these files on a desktop version then it is possible to set these values as part of an import script, after first selecting your file.


                  A PDF is really just a big dictionary, so the values that need to be stored can be written easily with the iText Java library. No, not for the faint hearted, but this is actually a simple task.

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                    Thanks very much for the info, jrenfrew!