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    how to store email messages



      I'm developing a Database that have to store email messages from mail.app or outlook. In order to track customers communications. The container field works fine with multimedia files but storing email mesages is very complcated. Have you find a better way to manage email messages like bento do?



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          Storing email messages with "full fidelity" can be challenging. I've developed a full-blown email client for FileMaker that relies on the CNS plug-ins POP3it Pro (to receive messages directly into the database) and and SMTPit Pro (to send messages from the database). In my case, I wrote the code to retrieve and store the various parts of an email message (all the email addresses, date and time and timezone, subject, text body, HTML body, inline graphic images, attachments, etc.). Some parts of this exercise, like retrieving and storing inline graphics and then 'fixing up" the HTML to reflect that the images are now stored someplace else (in my case, I use SuperContainer), requires some serious work. But that may not be something you have to tackle if you just want to store the message text.


          If you plan to pull messages out of Outlook and import the data into your database, you'll probably need a plug-in that can talk directly to those applications, something like the Outlook Manipulator plug-in (available for both Mac and Windows) from Productive Computing:




          Or, if you situation would allow for receiving emails directly into the database (even if the messages are also being retrieved in Outlook), you might be able to utilize a feature of the CNS POP3it plug-in that provides automatic receiving and importing of all the parts of a message with little or no scripting. You might want to check out the documentation:




          Let me know if I can offer any further suggestions. And best of luck!

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            Hello Both,


            From exchange point of view i have used productivecomputing in the past but needed to switch for something a little better after having issues with plugin and attachments. We made contact with Soliant Consulting who built an interface using XML and no plugins. If you are looking for something to look after your Emails/Function Mail Boxes you might want to make contact with them to see if they can help? They are a great team at Soliant and will work with you on your requirements......




            Martin Williams

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              I'm also looking for some sort of plug-in for MS Outlook that will allow the user to click on a button and parse the selected email details to Filemaker 12 - it must be selective not a general import of all received emails. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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                Give Soliant Consulting and call and Speak to Wim. I think he has what you are after.....





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                  Mike Duncan

                  Several years ago when I did a solution for this, I simply stored the entire source of the email message in a text field. Since the raw source also includes all attachments (usually base 64 encoded or something, it depends on the email clients involved) I was sure of having the attachements as well... also, if any encryption was used, no matter what it was, that was stored as well. I left it up to the email client to read the email, which would decrypt (if needed) and also translate any attachments for me.


                  It went something like: export the contents of the text field to a temp file (my_email_message.eml) and then script opening that message with my email client... I used applescript in this case to open the message with entourage. Worked well for what I needed it to. I also stored the typical fields to have a searchable database, but where I actually needed to pull out attachments or involve encryption, could hand it off to my email client to retrieve.


                  Hope this helps,