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      FMGoSync is an open source 100% FileMaker Pro based synchronisation tool. For more and download of the demo files please visit http://www.fmgosync.com


      best regards - Dick Honing

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          Thank you, very interesting!

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            Paul Jansen



            This is great, I have been thinking about this for some while and have components of sync in several solutions but not the whole process in a single solution.  It would be great if this starts a conversation on syncing as I think there is lts to discuss and there will be many valuable opinions to listen to.


            For me the most interesting and challenging issues are around:


            • multiple mobile users must be able to sync at the same time
            • sync can be interupted due to unstable (mobile) internet connections or other interupting processes
            • conflict handling
            • All changes must be propogated to all users consistently.


            I look forward to the discussions.


            Thanks for making this opensource,  the debates will be much more productive if we can see each others code!


            Paul Jansen

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              Thank you, Dick!  A great idea and very generous to share so much effort.  I look forward to testing this and following the resulting discussions and changes. 



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                Hi Paul,


                I'm currently working on a version that supports multiple clients to use the same synchronisation database that it hosted on the internet ... a kind of weCloud solution :-) ... I then use it to synchronize certain information from our solution (first being product and stock data) for a couple of our customers. This information is then synchronized to FileMaker Go on sales people's iPhones. The sky is the limit !


                best regards - Dick

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                  Do you know the differences between this and MirrorSync?  I am curious what MirrorSync offers that this might not.  I was thinking about buying mirrorsync, but saw this and would like to see if it can do what I need instead. 

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                    I totally agree with Karen's comment.  Thank you very much for so generously sharing your ideas and work.


                    Very best,