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    Need quick advice....


      I've got a client that is running Server 5.5 and V6 clients. They are several months away from their upgrade to 12. The site is upgrading all their client machines to Windows 7 and it is a move that is unstoppable. Unfortunately there will be overlap of Windows 7 and FMP 6. I have heard rumors but need to have some solid reports that FileMaker 6 will run on Windows 7. They will need to reinstall on all the clients of course.


      Anyone out there have experience with Win7 / FMP 6? Does it install OK? Will it run properly?


      Need help, THANKS,

      William O'Keefe

      Frenel Solutions

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          Hello William,


          I have version 6 running on a Windows 7 machine, Can't remember if i had any problems or not.


          Only using it as a client though, im not connecting to any servers.





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            Thank you Martin.  That certainly helps knowing that the clients will at least install and run. 


            This installation runs off a server at one military base with clients at two bases with about

            20-30 clients.  I don't believe they are changing the server OS which is now Windows Server 8

            and things work well with that.