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    Calculation Count 2 Fields Combined


      What does a calculation look like that counts the number of records with a Date Created 2012 but omits or is constrained by a field called Selected as a Previewer?


      Is this a Calculation or a Summary?

      The result should be a Number.


      I keep getting error messages re: field doesn't exist, wrong function, or needs an operator.


      I am a novice, but I'm good at following directions.


      The attachment shows my last attempt.


      Please help.



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          bookman wrote:


          Is this a Calculation or a Summary?


          To summarize the found set, use a summary field.


          Note that Filemaker does not have a CountIf() function or summary field. You need to either define a calculation field to summarize, or reduce the counted set: by finding - in case of a found set - or by further filtering the relationship in case of a related set.


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