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    Save Script as PDF crashes FMPA12


      Im currently running FMPA12 v2 on a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.7.4.


      I had a lengthy script i wanted to save a copy of so i attempted to save a copy of the script as a PDF. In the Script Manager, i selected the script and clicked the print button. At the bottom left i clicked the drop down for PDF and selected Save as PDF. I specified where i wanted to save and clicked save. FileMaker immediately closes. Happens no matter what file i am in or what script i attempt this on.


      Any one else having issues with this? Also happened on FMPAS12 v1.




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          Matt may be going to great lengths,


          Sorry, I can print scripts to PDF. Works fine for me.


          Same system: MacBook Pro, OSX 10.7.4


          Since it happens with both V1 and V2 its probably not anything to do with the update. I'd check out the OS.

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            Macbook is only a week old with all updates installed.

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              Can you print a script to the printer, or does that also crash?


              The "Save as PDF" mehcanism in the Print dialog involves the printer driver, so the behaviour may depend on which printer you have selected. Try setting up a different printer and see whether the crash is still happening when you Save as PDF.


              If it works for a different printer, which printer model was selected which is causing the crash, and which driver version is it using?


              System Preferences > Print & Scan > select the printer in the list on the left  > Options & Supplies


              The General tab shows the driver version number. The Driver tab shows the driver (and lets you pick a different one).

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                That was it!


                The only printer i had installed was a network printer that i utilize at the office. Any time i attemped to save the script as a PDF i was not connected to that network.


                When i got home this evening, i installed the canon printer that i have setup wirelessly and attempted to save the script as a PDf and it works without issue.


                I would have never thought that saving as a PDF would be controlled by the printer selected but lo and behold it is.


                Thanks davidempson