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Intermittent but frequent "freezing" after calling script with new offscreen window

Question asked by BillDoerrfeld on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by pgsdesign

I've spent the last month recoding my app for FMPA12 and while at the final stages of work I'm discovering a deal-breaker problem I cannot solve. In short, several scripts which open a new offscreen window get "stuck". The script debugger shows the stop point at calling a new offscreen window (see first image). The problem is intermittent but frequent. After aborting the script from within the Script Debugger FMPA12 is left in an unstable and unusable state. Specifically, the Quit FileMaker Pro Advanced menu item is grayed out and no new scripts can be called. Accordingly, it is not possible to safely quit the app. I have to force quit every time this happens.


I've tried many things to isolate and solve the problem including the following:


- replaced scripts

- reinstalled FMPA12

- fixed disk permissions (a few times)

- ran Onyx to clean system (remove caches, etc)

- deleted FMPA12 plist prefs file (after crash made it impossible to launch FMPA12 at all without instantly crashing)

- remove any 3rd party plugins

- isolate keystroke triggers vs button triggers


I've also tried to build a separate test case outside of my project. I believe it revealed the issue on one occasion when my existing large app was ALSO open. But I haven't yet been able to build a test case db separate from my project which consistenly reveals the problem.


I'm running out of ideas on what to try next. My only guess at this point is that there's something going on with the new window features in FMP12 which is sensitive to certain situations (such as with opening new offscreen windows). If said "sensitivity" is somehow related to memory utilization, one thing about my app is there is a lot (over 100) custom functions. I don't know if that would introduce any kind of memory overhead which might affect things.


I'm also noticing intermittent performance issues where screen redraws and navigating portals and even list views and other components are just not as snappy as they are at other times (with similarly sized found sets in the same database). Exploring that topic of course is an entirely separate matter.


Has anyone experienced anomalies with scripted new offscreen windows in FMPA12?


The only things I can think to check at this point are:

- see if any of the advanced window styles (which I use) are having any effect

- change the offscreen offset from WindowLeft = -1000 to a lesser value


Thanks in advance for any pointers.




new window problem on New Task.jpg


cannot quit FMPA12.jpg