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    FM12 V2 Update MUCH Improved...Share your results


      Have to counter all the FM12 Is Slow posts....


      My application is significantly improved with the V2 updater. List views and complex layouts are much better in both browse and layout mode. Many bugs have been fixed.


      Thanks for getting this out FMI. Not ready to roll to production, but at least we can start testing to move that way now. Lots of great things in V12 I'm anxious to take advantage of.


      See everyone next week!



      Lee Snover

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          Yes, Lee I'm happy with the improvements made in the FMP 12 v2. The are some minor bugs, some medium important issues pending to fix and a big 3 or 4 bugs that FM must fix before the end of september to permit developers a big migration from FMP 11 production Apps.


          But it's true that I'm very excited with the endless possibilities with FileMaker 12 plataform.


          Greetings from Spain!

          PD: How about the Devcon in Miami?



          Eduardo Croissier

          ASTRA solutions & DATUS Labs

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            Our perception.



            the tables have, 200 to 5,000,000 records.
            File Size: 1.8 gb.


            The main complaints from users.
            - Slow transitions between layout. Changing screen is fixed in the current, waiting to solve the "calculation". Generally, you do not know if the app. not responding or is processed.



            The September deadline, ... is a new version in late September.
            ... Is official information?