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    Save as Excel - empty data? Save as PDF - works


      Hi all,


      Is there an issue when previewing a report and pressing the "Save As Excel" where your excel file shows up with no data? If I press the "Save as PDF", my report is saved and works fine. I'm working with a sub-summary report and it has total sums across the page. I'd like to have these totals saved to excel so staff can treat data as they see fit.




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          I hsvr a similar issue when I export to excel and have a field with the same data repeteing per record. The first field had the data but the rest are blank. It drives me crazy, since I have to go into excel and fill them in. Does any one have an answer or work around for this? Using FM 11 Pro.




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            It depends sometimes on what you are exporting and from which relationship.


            If you do an export from a "parent" layout, you may get:

            Parent1, ::child1

                   , ::child2

            Parent2, ::child3

                   , ::child4

                   , ::child5


            if you do the same fields but from the "child" layout, you may get:

            ::Parent1, child1

            ::Parent1, child2

            ::Parent2, child3

            ::Parent2, child4

            ::Parent3, child5



            Also, if you have any SUMMARY fields and/or are sorting to "group" the records, a PDF will print as the layout shows the records. Saving as Excel may not give you what you expect with summarized data. (I believe you can get the body data OR the summary, but not both.)


            I tend to NOT use the Save as Excel in these cases. You can create HTML table with this data and save as .htm Excel can open this kind of file, just fine.



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              Is the typical built-in "list view" a parent or a child in this scenario. I have over 2000 records and I switched over to "List View". I formated the layout to my needs and for our ease of use, but I am leaving the mechanics of how the data is pulled through as is. Did some color tweeking and added a couple of typical fields: regular text field and a number field. That's it. Then I exported the data as an excel document.


              I noticed that exporting an excel file gives different results as saving as an excel file?? Are these or should these not be the same?


              When I did a "save as" and so far it looks like I got a good file without missing data, but I need to look through the 2000+ records in excel to veify. In my mind, I should not have to do this. I should be confident that the data saved as expected.


              I tryed to export again and got some blank fields as described before.

              I tryed exporting a CSV and Tab separated values and had misssing data also.


              I also noticed that it seemes to matter sometimes if the field is text or numeric, but again In my mind it should not matter at all??


              I belive that this is a very major bug in the export feature. Regardless if the data in the same field of the previous record is exactly the same, it should export that data.


              I will definitly try the HTML route as you described. Thanks for that tidbit ...