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    Grey out choices on a layout based on NO


      what I'd like to do is to show the choices..but to have them geryed out ...meaning if the person filling out the form chooses NO, the choices (radio buttons) listed below the question will be grayed out and they will not allow entry. After choosing No the curser should jump to the next question (Cancer No) and the person would then choose to click on no or to move the pointer over and enter yes


      I've attached the pathology document that I'm working from...the first two sections are represented in the sample DB, which is also attached


      Main layout ans data entry layout




      Cardiovascular Disease: Yes No

      • Heart attacks
      • Hypertension/High Blood Pressure
      • Atherosclerosis/Clogged Arteries
      • High Cholesterol

      Cancer: Yes No

      • Non-Melanoma
      • Melanoma
      • Lung Cancer
      • Breast Cancer
      • Prostate Cancer
      • Colorectal Cancer
      • Bladder Cancer
      • Kidney Cancer
      • Leukemia
      • Thyroid Cancer
      • Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
      • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
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          Stephen Huston

          This sounds like it will require extensive scripting with buttons over each of the radio-buttons for both the Yes/No and the options (not checkboxes, only one possible?).


          The scripted button actions would then respond to clicks based on previous entries, taking the user where they should be allowed to go next.


          The appearance/colors can be controlled with custom formatting.

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            Hello Dscott,


            In reading a few of your posts I see parallels between some recent work I did on a database of health-related forms, and the project that you seem to be working on.  In the spirit of trying to help someone else avoid complications that I've lived through, I have a few questions for you.


            If you've already thought about these issues, and have planned for them, or can see that they will never apply, then hopefully you won't mind having spent the three minutes that it will take to read this message.  The aim of these questions is to make sure that you have sufficiently planned the structure of your project, so that it will be maintainable as the years go by.   Almost each question that I raise comes from me learning a few lessons "the hard way".


            If you find that these questions are making you think twice about your approach to the project, what I'd suggest is:


            Before getting knee-deep into the specifics of the UI design, post a question which provides a reasonable sketch of the bigger picture of your project (including present and projected needs) and ask for other people's advice for a good design/structure.  There are many brilliant developers on this forum who generously share their wisdom.  If you provide a sketch of the bigger picture, it will be easier for folks to respond with ideas that not only offer an intuitive UI concept, but also an optimally maintainable structure.  Having some more information about the present/projected requirements of this project gives people the opportunity to propose options and also inform you a little bit about the benefits and limitations of each such option.


            I hope that this is helpful.


            Kind regards,




            p.s.  I like the dog in the photo.



            Here are some questions that I'd like to make sure you've considered:


            1) How often is this screening form going to undergo changes, e.g. questions added/removed/renamed, sub-questions added/removed/renamed?



            2) If and when the form undergoes changes, is it a casual/informal process without need to document what data was collected at various "vintages" in the life cycle of the the project, or is there a need to strictly document when a question was added/removed from a form?


            An example of the motivation for this question would be if your work flow is being regulated by a government (or other) agency, and you need to be able to respond to an audit situation, and confirm that as of a certain date you were indeed including a particular question on the screening form.



            3) Will it ever be the case that, depending on circumstances, the screening form will require a customized variation on the set of questions?


            As an example, customized versions of forms might depend on:


                 - funding source:  Different funding sources that may be paying for the professional services may require that the screening form contains different questions, unique to the funding source

                 - client demographics:  Different sets of questions may be required/appropriate only for certain age groups

                 - screener credentials:  Not all screeners may be qualified to fill in answers to all types of questions



            4) What is the potential for the need to expand the number of different forms that your system may handle?


            Perhaps, at the start, the only evident need is for a screening form.  In the future, might there be a need for a reassessment form? A case closing/discharge form?



            5) Will you ever need to provide version of this form with localized text?



            6) On the screening forms, will there ever be a need to include explanatory text that helps the screener to quickly grok a question that might otherwise be misunderstood?



            7) What type of reporting requirements will there be related to the data that you are collecting?


              Some simple examples:


                  - Will you need to generate reports that illustrate a correlation between a particular disease and client location?

                  - Between disease A and disease B?

                  - Between disease X and date of screening?



            8) How many users will be accessing this database, and what types of devices will they be using for access?

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              Wow..thanks for all of the insight.  We are a market research company and we collect people’s information to see if they qualify for a certain study.  The layout that I’m currently working on is a General Screener..which will include many questions.  Everything that is entered into this screener will find its way back to the main flat file.


              The screener will be revised a great deal, based on whatever study we are working on….and a different  screener may only ask questions about a certain condition..say HIV.


              Once the general screener is built..it will be easy to transfer parts of that layout onto a new layout the is more specific.