Value lists across files in FMP12

Discussion created by psijmons on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2012 by SecretWeaponLabs

Strange but reproducible behaviour in FMP12 (v01 and v02) which always worked well in FMP11.


Setup is as follows:

Data file

UI-1 file

UI-2 file


A value list is build in an indexed text field with auto-entry calculation (i.e. not a calculation field) via UI-1 in the Data file.

When I call the value list in UI-2, it will not come up, except when I call it first in UI-1 layout.


The same solution in FMP11 never showed this behaviour. I noticed some bugfixes in FMP12v2 today related to ValueList behaviour, but this one does not fit in one of FMI's descriptions.