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    Value lists across files in FMP12


      Strange but reproducible behaviour in FMP12 (v01 and v02) which always worked well in FMP11.


      Setup is as follows:

      Data file

      UI-1 file

      UI-2 file


      A value list is build in an indexed text field with auto-entry calculation (i.e. not a calculation field) via UI-1 in the Data file.

      When I call the value list in UI-2, it will not come up, except when I call it first in UI-1 layout.


      The same solution in FMP11 never showed this behaviour. I noticed some bugfixes in FMP12v2 today related to ValueList behaviour, but this one does not fit in one of FMI's descriptions.

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          Stephen Huston

          Are both UI files referencing the VL in the Data file, or is UI-2 referencing UI-1? It sounds like UI-2 is dependant on the UI-1 list.


          Or, is UI-2 referencing the Data file via a relationship thru UI-1 anywhere?


          I would double-check the TOs in the graph vs the TO name being used as the source of the VL to be sure there are as few as possible depencies/steps in the graph between UI-2 and Data for the VL source TO.

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            My apologies Stephen, I should have given more information:

            - both UI files refer to the same VL in the Data file,

            - the VL in the data file is based on a primary key and a secondary text field (where the text is a stored calculation), includes all values, sorted

            - the TO's in the UI files both have a direct link to the table that generates the VL (primary key to secondary key, one-to-one)

            - the ERD in FMP11 and FMP12 are basicly the same (only weeding out some old code)


            I have been testing this at length in our main solution that is being prepared for FMP12 and tried several work-arounds that would not delay the opening sequence too much:

            - removed and re-applied indexing

            - build an almost empty layout to generate the VL in the opening script

            - looped through the original records to re-calculate the data for the VL

            - tried the option to commit on record load (re: https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/85730#85730)


            None worked, the only option so far is to go to UI-1, select a field to generate / view the dropdownlist, then go to UI-2...

            not something I can explain to my users.


            The issue is very reproducible (UI-3 and UI-4 show same behaviour) which worked fine in FMP11, so I'm wondering if this is a genuine FMP12 bug.

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              Add me as another user experiencing the EXACT same thing with a separation model solution and related valuelists.


              To make matters more maddening, in my preliminary tests with a new from scratch file with a 3-4 fields, this DOES work.  So I think this may actually be related to conversion which is more maddening.

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                I got it fixed with the following work-around:

                • remove the dropdown feature of the field and set it as an Edit field

                • switch from Layout to browse to layout mode

                • change the field to popup menu

                • switch layout modes again

                • change the field back to dropdown and go back to Browse mode


                This apparently forced some re-indexing because the dropdown is working again when I close and re-open these files, also in UI-3 and UI-4 files.

                If you do not switch back to Browse mode, it will not work.

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                  It would be worth checking the context from which any calcs or autoenter calcs are being evaluated.  If there was a switch there during file conversion this would create a dependency you could easily overlook.

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                    No, the autoenter calcs were only dependent on text fields within the same table and were stored, but the reference to that field was made new in the UI-2 file ERD.

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                      As an update for other fellow confounded developers, I think I may have fixed my particular situation by changing the context of the valuelist i.e. changing the option for Include only related values from the <<TABLE OCCURRENCE PULLDOWN MENU>>.  I understand what's changing there and was able to change it without issue, I don't understand why it worked in v7-v11 but not in v12.