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Filemaker Pro 12 Crashing Constantly During Development - Any Ideas?

Question asked by pgsdesign on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2012 by MartinCrosman

I've upgraded my Student Information System to version 12 a few weeks ago. As I convert my old layouts to the new Themes and work on the layouts, FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 crashes a lot. As I copy and paste the basics from layout to layout and then fix the field references the program eventually goes into a spinnning beach ball and crashes. I've given up working on the file locally since the crash currupted the file a couple times. I'm backing up every half hour (using server advanced) and continually hitting the command S in layout mode to save as much as possible, but it's so annoying. I'm running FileMaker Pro Advanced version 12.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.7.4.


I'm completely deleting everything on an old layout and saving before I apply the River template and then I copy and paste the basic stuff from a layout I built from scratch using that theme. Is there anything known that's causing this or is this just bleeding edge stuff?


Another issue is that after FMP 12 Advanced crashes, I reboot my computer just for kicks and then I open the file again and it can be totally unresponsive. Everything is greyed out. I can't change layouts or use the solution. Sometimes I can't even close the windows of the program to get out of it and I have to Force Quit.


As I'm now paying attention more, it's crashing a lot when I try to change a sript on my buttons. I double-click the button to bring up the Button Setup and it'll spin and die.


Thanks for any feedback.


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