Using ExecuteSQL and FM checkbox lists

Discussion created by kmtenor on Jul 12, 2012
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In Filemaker, we have often leveraged the ability to have a checkbox field containing a list of parameters linked to a second table, and then displaying related records from the second table for all parameters chosen. In SQL, this is usually handled as follows:


SELECT, a.address

FROM addresses a

WHERE in ('Austin','Houston')


It turns out that ExecuteSQL can handle exactly the above query. However, I cannot find any way to get it to accept the "in" statement passed in as a parameter.


I have tried everything I can think of:


  1. Send it in natively (which delimits the list with paragraph markers) - NOPE
  2. Send it in after using a "substitute" function, just replacing paragraph with comma (Substitute ( chklistField; ¶; ",")) - NADA
  3. Make the "substitute" a little fancier by enclosing all items in single quotes ("'" & Substitute ( chklistField; ¶; "','") & "'") - NOTHING


So, thinking slightly outside the SQL box, I did come up with the following, which is ugly, but does work (and works well):


Let ([

$cityList= "'" & Substitute ( chkListField; ¶; "','") & "'";


$$query = "SELECT, a.address

FROM addresses a

WHERE in (" & $runIDList & ")"






(I globalized the query in order to see it in the Data Viewer, since this runs as part of a script)


Does anybody have a better way? Has anyone found a way to use the parameter passing to simply send a list in? Or should we bring this up to Filemaker as "Feedback"? It seems like lists should be modified appropriately to be incorporated into ExecuteSQL statements, or at least re-handled properly when they're seen a parameter to an "In" statement.