Timetables revisited...

Discussion created by tbcomputerguy on Jul 12, 2012
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I know that timetables have been asked about in the FM world but, still i can't get my head all the way around the idea or concepts. I have an excel sheet (provided) that I have been asked to convert to FM. I most gratiously accepted hoping to hone my skills and thinking that this wouldn't be that tough...boy was I wrong. In looking at the spreadsheet, i was thinking that i need tables for the sessions (twilite, matinee, evening), one table for employees, one for the duties (supervisor etc..), and i think this is where i got lost. I was able to create the database using seperate tables for the days of the week. I have it working smoothly, looks just like the excel sheet. Even has the ability to highlight employees that are booked more than two sessions in a day. Then, i needed to figure out the hours each person is booked during th week. the column on the right are the aloted hours for that particular dutie.


Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.