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    Update Status?


      Hi All,


      I feel like such an idiot. I continue to get emails with the subject "Filemaker Technical Network Updates" stating that "You haven't set a status update. Log in and set your status". Obviously I'm logged in but I don't see anything to indicate a status update. What am I missing - other than a few brain cells?




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          Hey, Mark. It's a forum feature. In the title bar (up where your photo appears), there's a "New" pull down. Under that, you have an option to "Update". It's sort of like a Facebook status.


          I ignore it. But it may interest you.



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            Hi Mike,

            Thanks for the directions.  But since I am Facebook phobic (I think it is a huge waste of time), I don't know what they want me to enter in the dialog that opens.  Should I say what I had for breakfast?

            I would like to ignore it too, but I also hate getting "junk" email.

            Thanks, Mark

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              Just say you're working away! No need to update unless you want to, after the initial "status".


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              Beverly Voth