Send Mail - Outlook removes some carriage returns

Discussion created by benwachtel on Jul 13, 2012
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I thought I'd share this solution for formatting emails via the Send Mail script step so that Outlook displays emails properly without removing manual carriage returns. Hope this saves somebody a headache.


I was trying to send a plain text email that made use of numerous manual carriage returns in order to increase the readability of the message. However, in testing, we discovered that the message did not appear correctly when received via Outlook. Seemingly randomly, Outlook was removing carriage returns in various places, causing certain lines to run together.


It was really frustrating but in the end we found a solution based on what we found here:


The issue has nothing to do with how FileMaker formats the emails, and everything to do with a default setting in Outlook that removes extra line breaks. You can't control whether people have this setting turned on in Outlook, but you can perform a workaround in FileMaker that tricks Outlook into accepting all of your manual carriage returns.


The solution is to insert a tab character before every carriage return character, using the Substitute function.


So in the Send Mail script step, specify a calculation for your message like this:


Substitute ( your_message ; "¶" ; CHAR(9) & "¶")


(Instead of CHAR(9), you can type in a tab character -- Mac: Option-Tab / Windows: Control-Tab.)


This will trick Outlook into accepting all of your carriage returns.