Shift-Drag, what am I doing wrong?

Discussion created by user17418 on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by larsheise

Shift Drag - When in Layout mode in FM10, if you selected a group of objects and held the shift key down you could only go horizontal or vertical from the original position. This was very nice as when you first start to drag, you can't keep things perfectly where they were (hence the shift kept it aligned).


In FM12, if I drag and go off origin just a little bit, then hit the shift key it goes Vertical from the point at which I held down the shift key, NOT from the original position as is expected(in FM10). One must drag then hold down Shift, you can't hold down shift and then start to drag or it thinks you are trying to add/remove an object from the selected group. The behavior so different, that I can't just move something horizontal or vertical from the point at which it started.


Is there a work-around for this?