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    FileMaker and SharePoint


      Howdy all,


      Old issue, new version: I have now run into several clients whose

      Central IT have taken on SharePoint as The Answer to Everything and

      are saying "no FileMaker anymore, instead we'll implement it in



      Does anyone here have experience using FileMaker in a SharePoint

      environment, or facing similar pushback from IT? Can you say anything

      about different ways FileMaker can play in a SharePoint world, and

      ways it can't? Does anyone know of a (I don't know the right word)

      SharePoint "widget" that can talk to Filemaker as a back end?

      Anything else -- experience at the "making the case" level or down to

      the nuts and bolts of using single-sign-on or whatever -- you could



      All input will be greatly appreciated. I'll be at DevCon and hope to

      follow this up there as well with whoever has anything to say.





      Kevin M. Cunningham, M.Ed.

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          SharePoint is really nothing more than a bit of a content platform that runs off a SQL Server backend.   I'm oversimplifying of course.

          Given that everything gets stored through the SQL server theoretically you can use ESS.  The issue is more: does IT let you do it? 


          SharePoint developers typically use a .NET based language, which can talk through FMS through ODBC/JDBC and XML.  See also www.fmdotnet.org


          From a purely technical point of view there is a lot of integration that can be done.  Politics is usually the bigger problem.

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            If you're looking for a technical answer, I'm afraid I'm unable to help. From a SharePoint perspective though, there is a multiplatform option available to hook into called CMIS which is an international standard, currently managed by OASIS.




            Microsoft doesn't even believe that SharePoint is the be-all and end all of CMIS systems so how is it valid that some corporate IT team knows better? The problem with this approach is that it is unclear to me whether anybody can get FM accepted by the CMIS borg in any meaningful way. If it can, you can probably continue to slip FM into SharePoint shops going forward so long as you do it in a CMIS compliant fashion.

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              display FMp data in Sharepoint via html/xml or a custom PHP page for interactivity with the data works