Portal data not displaying for non-admin accounts

Discussion created by tedweil on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by Stephen Huston

I have a solution that uses a good number of portal layouts for creating line items. These portals allow quick entry of multiple items and also allow us to do error checking to ensure each line item is complete.


For one of these layouts, when the users access the portal, all records after the first one appear blank as the user enteres data until they click out of the portal (effectively committing the record). Once the user clicks out, the other line items display and the portal behaves normally for all other lines. If the user does now click out, the data is entered but is invisible until the user clicks out.


I have tried adding the commit record step to several script, including script triggers, but that doesn't have the same effect as the user physically clicking out of the portal. I can find no difference in the way this portal is set up from the others that are working. Several of the others had this problem at one time, but the commit records step fixed the issue for all the others.


I'm at a complete loss on this one at this point. Any suggestions would be welcome.


We're running FM 11 and using a combination of Mac and PC clients. The problem is not specific to the platform. Our server is running Windows Server 2008.