Bye bye Filemaker

Discussion created by DanielWilhelm on Jul 15, 2012
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After more than 20 years of working with filemaker, more than 12 years as an independent developer i finally gave up on filemaker.


I had enough

  • of the endless workarounds
  • of the endless problems
  • of the ignorance from filemaker to acknowledge any problems
  • of the persistence from filemaker not to address any known bugs and problems
  • to be put off to the next version just to discover that it was made worse than ever
    (i.e. new "useful features" like gradients and bubble diagrams, but printing in general rendered FMP12.0.2 useless)
  • of paying technet and fba fees and the privilege to be ignored and never listened to by filemaker
    (so i will not renew any memberships anymore)
  • to be a beta-tester that even pays to test rubbish-releases, wasting a lot of time in doing so and any input being ignored


In outermost consequence i gave up my filemaker business - now looking forward to happier days.


Have a happy devcon and dream of any improvement that will never come



Daniel Wilhelm


Datasol Wilhelm



PS: I'm pretty sure that filemaker will also ignore this last post from me :-)