Displaying image files through relative links

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I am very new to FileMaker Pro and can't quite find the answer to my question on the discussion forums... though there was something similar posted 4 years ago, but the link to the solution is now dead.


I have a database in which each record has a thumbnail image associated with it. I imported the record data, including the image file name, from various spreadsheets and then created a calculation field to display the thumbnail using a relative path calculated from the path to the folder holding the image files plus the imported value for the image filename. For example:


"image:Media/" & Image Name 01


This works great on the local network and on stand-alone versions of the database and avoids having to "right-click" hundreds of times to link images in a container field.


However, now I need to take the database to the web. We are using FileMaker Pro 11's Instant Web Publishing and I have tried moving image files into the "web" folder and changing the calculation to reflect this fact:


"image:Web/" & Image Name 01


Where "Web" is the "Web" folder in FileMaker Pro. The calculation field doesn't work; images are not displayed through IWP.


I have tried moving the database to the correct relative position, i.e. in the same enclosing folder as "Web," but that doesn't work. I have tried creating a container field defined by a calculation, but that doesn't work either.


Surely there is a way to display images using IWP without having to go through each individual record and right-click the container field to create the link. Any ideas?


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