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Question asked by matyson on Jul 15, 2012
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Dear Forum,


I have created a database in which data is collected for a student that comes to see the nurse. The database contains many fields in which we document anything that is wrong or anything we do with this specific student encounter. Each record records one student encounter. An example of an encounter may be:

Student name:John Doe, Nurse:Mary, Pain:X, Action:Bandaid, Parent Call:X

Student name:John Doe, Nurse:Mary, Pain:_, Action:Bandaid, Parent Call:X

Student Name: Jan Doe, Nurse:Julia, Pain:X, Skin:Insect Bite Action:Cream applied, Parent Call:X


Now I have to tabulate data for this encounter.

Want to count: No. of encounters in a month like the above for each nurse - Mary 2, Julia 1

Want to count: No. of pain encounters per nurse - Mary 1, Julia 1

Want to count: No. of parent calls per nurse - Mary 1, Julia 1

And so on.


I am at a lost as to how to start the process. Can someone please help?


Mary Tyson