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Deploy a Worker machine (WPE) to an existing Master (single machine deployment)

Question asked by itraining on Jul 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2012 by Mike_Mitchell

G'day FMSians


I have a client who has been using FMS11 to host a database solution across the network for the past year.

This year we have built some PHP web pages to connect to the database.


The IT people do NOT want the Web Publishing Engine and Web Server aspects to be installed on the existing FileMaker Server.

They have an existing web server to handle the web serving and I need to setup the web publishing engine on the web server.

I have only ever been involved in a Single Deployment of FileMaker Server before so deploying across multiple servers is new to me.


The FMS11 Getting Started Guide has an IMPORTANT note on Page 25:

Installing on multiple machines:

Important Install the FileMaker Server software on the worker machines first and then on the master machine.


We have the Master machine (single deployment) in place and need to setup the Worker machine (web publishing engine).

(a) Does the IMPORTANT note mean that it is impossible to setup the Web Publishing Engine at this point in time or is there a way to add a Worker machine to the existing single machine deployment?

(b) Will we be forced to uninstall the existing Master, then install on the Web Server (Worker) next, before finally re-installing on the Master again?


Thanks in advance.



Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)