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Looking to Hire a FM Developer - Raleigh, NC

Question asked by disabled_allisonconroy on Jul 16, 2012



My small company is looking to hire a developer that can help us get set up and started with FileMaker Pro. We run a staffing agency side of our business as well as a large conference planning side. Our staffing database is currently in Bento and was only run by one person. Now that it needs to be shared on a daily basis, uploading the most recent version of Bento to Dropbox everyday is not cutting it. We have decided that we need to make the move to FM, but we need someone who can get us going quickly and efficiently. We will need performer, location, and event databases to be able to tie together, as well as log financial info into each event and run reports (rather than double entering everything with QuickBooks).


Our large conference database is stored in Access at the moment. Our whole office is Mac, so we have purchased a PC for that database to live on. This is a secondary project to the more important staffing database, but still something we would love to get switched over in the near future.


We feel that we could probably complete both of these projects on our own, but that each would be extremely tedious and time consuming. We are looking to expedite this process by hiring someone to get everything set up, and then we should be able to manage changes and additions. We are very new to this database, but knowledgeable enough about others.


We are located in Raleigh, NC. If anyone in the area would be interested in such a job, please contact me at


Thank you