FM 12 Server is not available if web server and wpe are disabled

Discussion created by ChrisG on Jul 16, 2012

I have installed FM Server 12 on Windows Small Business Server 2011. During the initial install I deployed the Web Server and the WPE. This however caused problems with the IIS configuration and I now want to disable Web Server and WPE and use only the FileMaker client to access the server. When I disable the Web Server and WPE in the admin console I can not access the server using the Open Remote function in FileMaker. I can also no longer access the FM Server via the admin console. I have to go to the actual server, start the admin console there, enable Web Server and WPE and I can then access the FM Server again using FileMaker Client. This is very strange. I should be able to access FM Server from FM Client if the Database server only is running. I have made sure all the required ports are open.


Does anyone have an idea of what to look for?


Thank you.


Chris G