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    [ANN] LuaFy - free Lua scripting plug-in for FileMaker Pro


      Gore, VA - July 16, 2012 - Cosmic Consulting is very pleased to announce the public release of LuaFy, a new FileMaker Pro plug-in providing the Lua scripting language to the FileMaker calculation engine.


      LuaFy is free to use and distribute with your FileMaker solutions.


      LuaFy Plus is an enhanced version that is enabled when you purchase and enter your license. LuaFy Plus adds extra Lua libraries and performance tuning.


      Lua is a small scripting language created specifically to be embedded in a host program such as FileMaker Pro. It is easy to learn and runs very efficiently.


      Lua is used in many software products as an embedded scripting language for both user-level scripting and primary functionality. Because of its speed it is very popular as a game scripting language.


      LuaFy integrates Lua into FileMaker very gracefully so that it can be used as easily as FileMaker Pro Advanced custom functions without the need to have FileMaker Pro Advanced. But in addition to greater functionality, you can achieve orders of magnitude speed improvement in custom functions by reimplementing them in Lua with LuaFy.


      The built-in functions of Lua in LuaFy can replace a handful of other FileMaker plug-ins for file and directory operations, shell scripting, and SQL commands on FileMaker data.


      LuaFy is a self-contained plug-in that works with FileMaker Pro 8.5 through 12 including FileMaker Server versions. LuaFy works perfectly with FileMaker Pro 12's new "Install Plug-in File[]" script step.


      The Macintosh version is a universal binary supporting both PPC and Intel systems with Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

      The Windows version supports Windows XP through Windows 8.



      FeatureLuaFy (free)LuaFy Plus
      Run Lua scripts

      Easily pass FileMaker data to Lua as function arguments

      Return a value from Lua as function result
      Call Lua functions directly from FileMaker
      Execute SQL on FileMaker tables from within Lua
      Execute operating system shell commands
      String handling including pattern matching and captures
      Ordinary and associative arrays (single and multi-dimensional)
      Persistently store data in Lua and access from FileMaker
      Read and write data to files
      Rename or delete files
      Get infomation on files and directories
      Change LuaFy calculation timeout value -
      Suspend and resume Lua function calculations -
      MD5 hash function -
      FNV hash function -
      Edit Distance function -
      base64 encode/decode -
      ascii85 encode/decode -


      Download LuaFy and example files at www.luafy.com. There you will also find complete documentation of LuaFy and LuaFy Plus features.




      Tom Hays

      Cosmic Consulting

      Gore, VA